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Seems I'm on a bit of a food bender lately, so let me just spill a few reasons why you should eat Persian as soon as you see a sign for it.  I am very fond of one I discovered over in Westwood called Shahrzad.  Could be one of my best meals in '09.

1.  The meat is simmered for so long, it falls apart the minute your fork comes within an inch of it.

2.  The fresh herbs rival that found in the best Vietnamese restaurants.

3.  They always have copious amounts of lemon and lime on hand to squeeze all over the place.

4.  The homemade yogurt which is best slopped on everything.

5.  The tart lentil soup that no doubt has a home in every Persian kitchen.

6.  The big round oven in back of most Persian restaurants that fire up smoky flat bread every few minutes, of which you can usually order a few to go.

7.  The unusually cheap prices for such fat plates of food.

8.  Perfect basmati rice.

9.  The most delicious eggplant you will ever come across.

10.  Sumac.










Dawn in CA

What's the white crumbly stuff? Some kind of fresh cheese? The food looks really yummy.

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