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The Best Food in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is in my Blood...


I love Mexico.  Folks just cruising around with baggies full of lobster.  Rainstorms spring up outta nowhere that make ya love Mother Nature.  Weddings poppin' up around every corner.  Bright colors.  Lovely beaches.  Loads of smiles.  Amazing food (including the best tapas I've had outside of Spain). 

Was just down in Puerto Vallara and Yelapa and forget what everyone is telling you about swine flu.  I came back fine and dandy as can be.  In fact, now is the time to go - no crowds, off-season prices, cheap flights, incredible sunsets.  Be brave. 

I fell in love with PV this time around.  Old town and the area behind the church is just awesome.  I think they call it Gringo Gulch.  I can see why.  I'd buy a place there (with a sweeping terrace facing the ocean) no problem. 

It's good to be home though.  I plan on doing nothing but nesting all summer long.  Obsessing about my plants (one was attacked by small bugs while I was gone and I'm now on a recon mission to kill all varmins within a 1/2 mile radius), fixing up my boat, reading all sorts of adventure books, cooking at home, fleshing out some 4th World Love missions, maybe a trip or so to Baja and/or San Miguel de Allende to check on my trailer-- but beyond that, nada.  Holla.










Thanks! I've always found it easy to take good pix in Mexico. It's all that tropical heat...


your photos are amazing!

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