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Mom's in Utah and Baby Whale in Marina...Equal Parts Happiness


Who do you know that drives across country alone and manages to chow down at close to every all-you-can-eat buffet that they come across?  Ummm, me.   So tragic.  What's literally astounding is that I made the trip from Chi to LA in 2 days on all that food.  Legend.

I did get lucky and trip upon a country place called Mom's Cafe somewhere in Utah.  Blueberry sour cream pie, homemade french fries, simple salad bar with the best ranch ever, and these fluffy doozies called scones but were more like funnel cakes doused in soft liquid honey butter.  Reason enough to do a long haul, if you ask me.

Meanwhile, I came back to a WHALE chillin' in the marina channel.  So cool, saw it up close and personal -- and made me so happy you could not smack the smile off my face. She was on her way to Alaska and somehow got sidetracked and now could just be hangin' tight here for the summer.  Has to be one of the neatest things I've ever had show up in my back yard.  How I'm not is as big as that whale is a mystery to me, too.  Bless Mom n Dad, I guess...








debt relief

i shouldnt have read this. i am now hungry again


I've lost my whale as well.
Does she answer to the name peaches, and have a tatoo of a shark on her dorsal fin?

Jeannine Fox

The photos of that great food makes me want to seek out Mom's - it looks so good I can almost taste it!


Hey that wouldn't happen to be a 30' Gray Whale that goes by the name Diego would it ??

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