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Mom's in Utah and Baby Whale in Marina...Equal Parts Happiness

Summer Full of B's


Folks have been asking to see the inside of my boat for a while now -- wanting more photos, so here they are.  Now, keep in mind, this vessel has yet to be Mistified...which means I have added none of my personal touches to it - crazy lollipop accents, flat-screen, down blankets, all that jazz.  That will happen over the course of the summer, but for now, still just a beauty.  I can't believe she's finally in her slip.  Home. 

Summer =  Baja.  Boat.  Beer.  BBQ.  Belly laughs.  Books.  Brightwork (ever hear of brightwork, son?).  Maybe even Bali.  All B's, all the time.

Enjoy the photos and will post more after I've had a chance to do a little flip out on her.  Got some mad travel happening - TN, Chi, NYC, Mex--all in the next few weeks.  

My tummy still reels when I look at this dang boat.









Sail it myself? Not sure yet, but aim to get there by summers end! You know why? Cause you cant wait on peeps -- you just gotta go it alone, if that is what it takes. Or else, you will be SOL and never do anything that counts. Anything that makes sense to your soul.

Penelope in San Miguel de Allende

That boat is amazing! Can you sail it alone? I so enjoy reading about your life.

John Hardin

AWESOME BOAT!! Sorry I haven't checked into your blog for so long. I've been super busy building a ranch. Having a blast though but am so ready to escape to Mex soon! We still have the most awesome Mexican food in the world waiting for you anytime but Magdalena and I now live north of Sacramento in the Sierra's way out in the boondocks but if your ever up this way look us up. Hope you remember me. Youre in our thoughts and prayers. John


"BEE"utiful "Boat"

You forgot the "BEEach" "Boys"

Poppin in The Sloop John "BEE" as we speak.

"B"est sailin song ever. The eight note fife intro unleashs the soul.

Thank you "B"rian Wilson

Amigo de Cowgirl

Bueno Suerte en le mar



brightwork...has it's rewards.

need a grill on that baby.


Going with your B vibe... It's Beautiful!!
Have fun with it!


Just tryin' to keep it real. Thanks so much for the good vibes!!

jeanie conway

Misty, I am so pleased for you. You deserve this girl!. I wish I had your life.

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