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The Best Food in Puerto Vallarta


One of the best meals across the board that I've ever had was brilliantly enjoyed at a tiny tapas joint up high on a hill in Puerto Vallarta.  It was made all the better cause my funny pals, Lis and J9, were with me, slippin' down sangria and micheladas for a few hours. I felt like an adult while drinking chilled sangria.  Been a long time since I've felt all grown up.  Not cause we were dressed up, or cause the prices were high ($60 all in, tip included for all 3 of us), but just cause it was a perfect room, full of perfect food.  Made me happy beyond belief.

J9 had happened across Esquina de los Caprichos during a long walk while we were in Puerto Vallarta (look for the whale painted across the front of the building).  She was off shooting loads of photos and exploring whilst I was paying someone to literally brush my hair and Lis was swindling dinero for looking at a timeshare (that $100 bones paid for dinner).  We'd just been down in Yelapa for a few days (during rainy season) and the naps that I left that village with were legendary.  I couldn't stomach the idea of showering or washing my hair (sick, I know), so I took the the pool for a bath and a neighborhood hairdresser to tug a brush through my hair (even she was stunned).  A few days worth of massages were my moisturizer.  :)

We made our way back to the restaurant for dinner and between the shrimp fideo, the pitcher of tangy sangria, the loads of simple/delicious small plates, the hysterical laughing at who could make the ugliest/saddest/happiest face contest, and the double chocolate cake for dessert, was life in a perfect moment.  It's the exact kind of place in the exact kind of 'hood that I would want to own.  LOVED it.
















I'm gonna say yes, def. go to Yelapa. Check out to see all kinds of cool rentals, which is a nice change from a regular hotel. But, DEF go during the non-rainy season...Too many bugs!


Love the photos, especially the ones of food. The shrimp dish you had in PV looked great and the simple presentation is awesome. Love the view into Yelapa too; I now have it on my list of places to take in. I have enjoyed about 40 days on Isla Mujeres and love it. Really enjoy Casa O’s too. So, if you love Isla and C O’s, Yelapa has to go on my list.

RD de Tejas

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