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Yelapa Full of Color + 30 Days in 1 Spot


The colors of Yelapa (and Mexico as a whole) always blow my mind.  Every ramshackle hole-in-the-wall is brightened up by techno colors, all bright and beautiful even on a rainy day.  A rainy week.  The whole rainy season.  Which it was definitely doing when I was there a week ago.  The buggies were out in full force too (ever heard of flying termites), but we just laughed about the mud, the bugs, the rain, the humidity, the insanity of it all. 

Yelapa is still a magical little village even after 5 years.  Pretty much identical to what it always was.  I'm thinking its cause there are no cars.  You have to take the water ferry (45 minutes from PV) to get there, but once you're there...super chill.  Def. go in the non-rainy season, though.  If you've been a Toothie for long, you might remember that my very 1st post ever was about Yelapa.  Way back in the day...seems like a trillion years ago I was like, "Hmmm....maybe I will start a little travel/food/adventure blog." 

We tramped through the village trying not to squash the thousands of baby crabs that had just been hatched and were everywhere, drank primo ojo rojos all day, ate the BEST food (still) at Hotel Lagunita, swam in the rainwater pool (in the rain, of course), saw dolphins flippin' all around the cove, and watched chubby fireflies all night long. 

Not sure when I will be back there, I'm in desperate need of some new faraway trips..but that said, I'm challenging myself to stay in one place for 30 days.  I don't know if I can do it.  I'm already panicking about it.  But, if I can pull it off, then maybe I can get some life stuff done, finally.  Slow'er down....

Today is Day 1.  Agggghhhhhhhh!













Man, people LOVE Mexico. They really do. So happy you found Yelapa, B. I too, think of it often!

Brenda Kingston

As I mentioned we are going to Mexico for 5 months in April. We plan on doing Yelapa, our 20 year old daughter and 13 year old niece have got to see it! My husband and I were there in Nov 2009, it was gorgeous! We fell in love with this wonderful little Oasis! You are the one soley responsible for our travels there. After reading your blog I just had to see it for myself. Due to my health and not being able to walk very far, we landed on the beach away from the village, so I never made it to the village. We discovered so much just in that little beach area. We stayed in a Palapa right on the beach! We ate wonderful food at Lagunita's, Chico's, and other restaurants on the beach. We had pie from one of the pie ladies. There are actually two now. I cannot wait for a few days in Yelapa. We hope to make a few trips there while we are in PV.


Oh Wayne, but 30 days in one spot, I meant 30 days in Marina del Rey, not our dear Yelapa...


As much as I loved quaint little Yelapa when there, I could never do 30 days! Good luck!


I was just in the dive center yesterday, so cool that you mention a cool place to dive/snorkel.


Misty within a few hours drive there's always a lot of cool stuff to check out here in so cal

the majestic Sequoia National Forest definitely worth a drive. Humongous red wood trees, some have been alive for 3000 years.

Best place to snorkel in Calif or even dive if you're going off the beach -
" La Jolla Cove " just north of San Diego. It's like an aquarium, there's a couple of caves to swim through too. (Best to hit it on a week day though) I think it rivals any place in Maui for snorkeling.

The Imperial Beach Sand Castle contest coming up on the 18th. I don't know if that's the one you go to, but if you are down that way here's a place you might try out - " Jalisco's cafe " on Palm Ave just off the freeway as you head into into I.B. That's where the locals eat for the last 30 years I've known of. Its good, breakfast too .


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been interested in a Yelapa trip for awhile! Love all the photos!

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