Yelapa Full of Color + 30 Days in 1 Spot
Where is Home, Really?

Village Magic is Everywhere it Seems -- Or Not?


Every time I post about certain places in the world, I get all kinds of hits because of the legend of the village.  Todos Santos, Isla Mujeres, San Miguel de Allende, and of course Yelapa.  Those are biggies.  Some more remote places like Candidasa (seaside on Bali) or the funky mountain town of Ubud get love, too, but Mexico seems to get the most.  I can see why. 

Mexico is close to the USA.  The people are warm.  The stars are bright.  The weather is awesome.  The tans are fierce.  The food is always incredible--remember my tostada quest last year?  Or my tamale expedition?  Even my oyster obsession was note-worthy.  That's just the tip of the 'berg.

What makes a village magical?  Any village?  For instance, I was eating Vietnamese yesterday and I read about this little gem in Greece in a magazine they had on the counter.  The article said its off-grid.  It's beautiful.  It's cheap.  Of course, I stayed up all night researching this particular spot and slowly became enamored.  That's how it happens.  You get a whisper of the twinkle that surrounds a special place on earth and before you know it, tickets have been booked, dollars have been spent and memories are getting made.

Thing about Yelapa is, even in the rainy season, I dig the colors.  I like that little kids swim in the Pacific and come back with fresh crabs to eat.  I'm honored to eat/drink in a locals home (which is where most restaurants set up shop).  I like that I step off a boat and there's a pile of limpet being shucked on the pier.  Situations like this make me happy and make me feel way more a part of the earth than any chop-shop tourist spot ever will.  Those cities/towns/attractions give me the hives.  The sweats.  The panic attacks. 

What also gives me those same ailments is my new quest of staying in one place for 30 days.  Day 2 was a doozie.  Not sure I can make it...













Care to share?

"It's off grid. It's beautiful. It's cheap."

Dawn in CA

Really beautiful photos. I do love Mexico. 30 days in one spot? You? Hmmm... If you are going to make it a good experience, you'll probably need to do (at least) the following three things. First, breath into it. I mean really breath it all in and out, like yoga. Second, nest. Get settled in and cozy. Third... treat your home base like you're on holiday. Check out the local food scene, summer park parties, indie film houses, farmer's markets, etc. You might just find this next month to be a rejuvination.

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