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It's Not the Swells, it's the Size of the Sea...


Soon, I will be back on-grid, diving straight into the depths of life/work/and the constant struggle to organize my existence.  In the meantime, I'm gonna toss up a few posts about what I learned while on a boat in the Carib.  Just some quickies.

1.  This wall of water you see was viewed off the bow of a 75' schooner that was in transit from the lush island of Dominica to the funky French island of Martinique.  It was stunning and rolling and impressive and breathtaking all mashed into one.  The fear I thought I was gonna have being not within sight of land didn't exist and the peace I felt was tremendous.  Like I'd been waiting my whole life for just that moment.

2.  I'm not super keen on the Carib.  I know millions love these islands, but I'm just not the one to drop $25 bones on a plate of food on a tropical island.  Esp. when I know I can get it in Indo for $3.  But, better.

3.  I whole-heartedly believe in AC on a sailboat. Yes, yes I do.

4.  How far will I have to travel to find silence?  Seriously?  It's not in the little coves in the Carib, cause you know what?  Round about 10pm, a party boat pulls in and booms out tunes with a base that just don't stop til about 6 am.  Hellish.  Sleep deprivation for days and days....

5.  I love sailboats, quiet water, rum, sunrises, night sailing, sunsets, wind tunnels created out of sheets wrapped around me cause I slept on deck, roast potatoes on a boat, going barefoot, sudden squalls, tidiness, snorkeling with sea turtles, random taxi drivers who want to show me their islands, breadfruit, dorado, Carib beers, a good cup of steaming coffee, French omelette's, sea showers, sleeping under shooting stars, my $11 rain jacket, lentil soup, and a good scary book. 




it is quite true
that only in the magnificently seamless desolation of the open sea
there are no distractions


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