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Indo via St. Lucia via Sailboat

Enola Gets New Cockpit Cushions


Yesterday my mind was wandering and I was trying to conjure up thoughts on when I was/am most happy.  Cruising thru Mexico alone for long stretches of time was a huge one; feeling my spirit come resurrect itself in Indo is a biggie as well; so are things like becoming PADI certified, finishing up TV shows, figuring out something on my boat, the feeling I get just after a killer workout, my constant need to be exploring new places, and the bliss I encounter curled up in bed at home in TN with a good thriller in my paws. 

However, this morning, when I rounded the corner to check out my new green cockpit cushions that Manuel the canvas guy had made - well let's just say happy is an understatement. 

Little by little and dollar by dollar, the good ship Enola comes together.  




I rock the G5 at the moment.
Recent upgrade....


Very nice. Time to go sailing! Bev


Great blog, been following the Enola commission. Which Canon Powershot do you use?

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