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If I Had a Pony, I'd Ride it on My Boat


Night one on my Carib sailing excursion, some delicious pasta was served up for dinner.  Steaming hot noodles and spicy red sauce with a little dash of rum on the side.  It's funny when you come together with strangers - if you're in tune with the world, you can pick up on the vibe minute 1.  I picked up on it second 1. 

Tall tales from a surly captain, a first mate who'd just about had enough of the boating life, and an anxious deckhand ready to bolt come sunlight.  The three personalities were meshing together on a sailing vessel like oil and water.  Crazy people, but good hearts.  You pretty much have to own a touch of crazy to put your life at risk on a sailboat every single day.  It's addictive.  That feeling of immense freedom around every bend.  That taste of escape every single morning.

Every day, I check in on my own boat and all the various projects she's got going - right now, it's a little something called brightwork.  Which means all kinds of non-stop sanding and varnishing going on.  My guy whose rockin' the project, well he must LOATHE my boat right about now.  Waiting on good weather only adds to the prolonged sked. and my very own level of insanity -- But, man the teak will be all glassy and beautiful once done.  Incred.

Check out young Tim in the below photo - can't you just see the NEED to get the hell off the boat?  He was so ready after 6 weeks in close company cruising the Carib.  Just to straight dash at first light.  Then, it was just me and them.  Man.  Hard times for a loner like moi.  But, the best of times in retrospect.  As it always is -- betcha after a few days back on land, sweet Tim wish he was back on the boat.  Preach.

If you could listen to a song to this post, make it The Holmes Brothers singing "If I Had a Boat" - you will get my current vibe stat.  Thanks Budro.

"But Tonto he was smarter, one day said Kimosabe...Kiss my ass, I bought a boat, I'm goin' out to sea."





There Once Was a Village Named Yelapa


Years ago, while perusing one of my fave travel mags, I read about a small fishing village on the West coast of Mexico called Yelapa - a place you could only get to by boat.  Then, in some weird twist of fate - I decided I should star in a foodie adventure TV show.  The two things miraculously merged together and somehow that said pet project got sold to The Travel Channel.  Holy shit at the time - now, just another feather in the cap of life. 

I went back to Yelapa a few months back with 2 buds who were involved in the first show - then called "Stuffed."  We ended up not being able to use that title cause there were so many porns out there with the same name...but it was truly the perfect title.  The show on Travel ended up being called "Craving Adventure" and I still do just that EVERY SINGLE DAY.  When we were back in Yelapa for a little reunion, the magic had waned a bit in the moment, but now, looking back to early summer - I realize it was all about most things are. 

When I was there years ago, I was a different person.  A little girl almost.  Now, I'm a full blown woman (huh?) with a crazy life full of making all my dreams come true.  Sure, I twist them and turn them on a dime to fit my goofy whims, but they're still knocking around just like always.  Boats, water, movies, TV shows, writing, escape, travel - same stuff/different twist.

I love, love the photo of J9 and Lis walking down the beach, the same sandy stretch we traipsed for the show.  But J9 was wielding a DV camera and Lis was hauling an AC kit chock full of releases, batteries, bottled water, shams, and tape stock.  Way different than now, but same fresh feeling nonetheless - like we're making good time toward the future of SOMETHING.

I'm just on the cusp of making another show similar to that one, not starring me though.  Thank god - what intensity that was!  Deets will be forthcoming, but just remember - timing is everything in this wild world.  Listen to it. And, do you very best to make sure you are ready when it comes a knockin...



Cucumbers - Oh Yah, There's a Big, Big Dif.


If you've never enjoyed the bliss that is a Persian cucumber, then please just hop on over to your local farmer's market and swoop up a sackful.  Then, pop on home and rinse 'em off.  Whilst they are drying off, I beg of you to grab a little Greek yogurt and dress it with a swish of dill and a tiny sprinkle of vibrant sumac.

Top all with a squirt of lime and what you have is equal to a sinking moan upon first mouthful.  I mean, true, true happiness all year round.  Regular cukes are just simply useless compared to these little bullets.

Where I Wish I Was Right This Second

Bahia sailboats

There's a tucked away little cove down in Baja that I think about at least once a week - and this morning, I woke up in a shoddy hotel on the East Coast really obsessing about this said location.

Very little vegetation, hot as heck right now, close to nothing - but, those brilliant stats and that blue, blue water that's warm as a bath.  Sailboats in the sunset, moon bright, kayakers floating by. 

There isn't any reason in the world to ever be stressed when there are places like this within a days drive from my LA digs.

Back to the grind...for now...

My Man Nestle - He Glows


Yup, met this one a street corner in St. Lucia.  He went by Nestle and he just quietly worked in his little ramshackle homemade shoe shop while the whole world swirled around him in a tangle of honking, whistling, cackling and badgering. 

I just happened to be strolling by with a delicious smelling coconut incense in hand and stopped "in" for a chat.  He filled me in on the big music festival that was coming to town - while I just gazed at his mouthful of non-teeth and was happy.  Nice compact shop.  A mess of business.  Sharing with a pedestrian.  We're all just lookin' to live a little good life.

Simple girl.  And, I really like the name Nestle.


St. Lucia + Cabbies + Shacks Full of Good Food


Should I just re-title this 'lil blog - "I Woke Up Thinking..." and insert the days big thought?  Seems I fade out to sleep every night and live a full movie in my dreams, wake up with my brow furrowed and thinking the next big event of my MST life.  Every day, it changes.  Every day, I go 2 steps back and 3 steps forward. 

Revisit a magical memory, question my purpose on this crazy planet, devise a new escape scheme, plot a new adventure - it's these little things that make up my daily being.  Just when I think this life is too much to even handle or that I don't want to be on the road any longer and JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL, I'm hit with a vibe from a complete stranger that just brings life full circle.

Take my cabbie in St. Lucia.  He picked me up on my last day there to haul me to the airport and we got to talking about astrology and life and all that jazz.  Once he heard that I'd not scarfed any good food while on my journey, he promptly took me to a local joint.  It was maybe the first minute I'd relaxed in a spell - just sippin' a beer, snappin' photos and waiting on him to order us some food from a tiny, jam-packed window.  What a novel concept - someone to take care of me for once.  It was literally the EXACT type of eating establishment I seek out all around the world, and he just knew I'd fit right in.

We jumped back in his ride and he shot up the highest hill he could find, all the while spilling details about his lovely island.  He just wanted me to eat my fish in peace and get a good view of his home.  I blissfully enjoyed  dorado, lentils,  slaw and lemonade while he shared his life story.  Mmmmmm, good stuff...with a view.  Toss in a cuba libre (on him) and life was all simpatico for a second.

And, crazy - he bought lunch, charged me nothing for the hour tour and was just so happy that I'd taken interest in his life.  Who does that, I ask you?  People are just good.  They just want to share and be happy and live a good little life.

Isn't that what it's all about?  Why the furrowed brow in the AM?  Forget the crazy dreams and just be.  Better done in the company of Miley and Party in the USA.  Which my pal Jamie ain't that into - however, me and my bud Chez kill it.

Memories like that are what will comfort me in my olden years, that I can promise you.










Indo via St. Lucia via Sailboat


After merrily hopping off the schooner that is SV Illusion, my last day in St. Lucia was spent slamming cup after cup of delicious cafe au lait at a super-cute island bar and re-writing my life.  You know, thinking things like - how in God's name do I blow through so much dinero?  How can I go months without working yet live better than ever?  Just me - alone - questioning the reality of my existence.

However, unless I do the trips like these, or spend the money like that, how will I ever know what my future holds?  Big sailing adventures, wild Indo NGO  setups, revamping of old sailboat, couple of trips to Mexico...right...without all of those things tickered off the to do list, then where would I be?  Sitting with a little more cash in the bank, but what if I died tomorrow?  At least I lived a minute.

So morbid, this AM.  But, not really - it's just the ultimate convince that I'm doing the right thing.  Always the right thing.  And, as I was sitting there in this balmy little coffee shop, I started reading a magazine I'd hauled with me the entire trip but not opened- and I pop onto a picture of Mt. Rinjani.  Which as you may know is the volcano I trekked last year in Indonesia and of which 4th World Love sits at the base of.  I was immediately transported back to my journey up that beast, and all my laughs with my buds in the village of Sembalun. 

I love travel.  Trying new stuff.  Living life.  And, I guess spending money to do it all.



Enola Gets New Cockpit Cushions


Yesterday my mind was wandering and I was trying to conjure up thoughts on when I was/am most happy.  Cruising thru Mexico alone for long stretches of time was a huge one; feeling my spirit come resurrect itself in Indo is a biggie as well; so are things like becoming PADI certified, finishing up TV shows, figuring out something on my boat, the feeling I get just after a killer workout, my constant need to be exploring new places, and the bliss I encounter curled up in bed at home in TN with a good thriller in my paws. 

However, this morning, when I rounded the corner to check out my new green cockpit cushions that Manuel the canvas guy had made - well let's just say happy is an understatement. 

Little by little and dollar by dollar, the good ship Enola comes together.  


This Is Life


I blasted through Chicago a few weeks ago intent on one thing only - my favorite food.  That's it. Maybe others would look for reconnects on certain friendships, a dip in Lake Michigan, maybe a cruise down LSD...I on the other needed Indian, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Cuban, all done up right like I know it should be done.

Which means, me and my pal Lis killin' a 6-er of Dos Equis over lunch at my fave Pilsen huevos rancheros house - Nuevo Leon.  We popped the first one in her truck outside the joint - at the crack of 10 am, mind you.  So happy, just so happy. 

That is why I love Chicago - I feel no guilt, I feel no remorse.  I just do, live in the moment and call a spade a spade at any given moment of the day.

I had someone tell me today that sometimes I seem all keyed up.  Keyed up?  Shit man, try managing my level of energy on a daily basis.  And, really all I have to say is I CANT WAIT TIL GLEE COMES ON.  Yo.