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Isla Mujeres is Where Smart People Land.


I don't care what anyone says about Isla Mujeres - it is absolutely an island full of magic moments.  I'm not sure any place in the world flips my insides like Mexico does.  Well, maybe S. Africa.  And, of course Indo.  But, Mex - I can go back and back and back again.  In my mind every day, in my life - a few times a year.

And, there's no place that jolts me quite like the marinas in Isla do.  Probably cause they're the bouncing point to lands further south. It's where I met Captain MADD - a funny gent who spends time on his boat down in Belize, the Rio Dulce and then back to Isla for months on end.  He tells the best yarns I've ever heard, including tales about my own adventures that he literally pulls from the sky.  He's always up for the last minute invite.  He said to me - I always wonder, why the hell did I wait so long?  He just skitters along, making pals along the way and living in the exact moment of NOW.

I hope I run into people like him for the rest of my days.  People who thrive on loco adventures, folks who delight in a mess of tangled lines, power cords, rub rails, solar panels, wind generators, rickety wooden piers, and old bimini's - all just peeps trying to make a go at this crazy thing called life. 

And, to do it smiling all the way.  Beyond that, there is truly nada.





hi misty,
would love love to go back there. even if its not for pilates. keep chowing & trekking! *wave to lisa*

Melissa Pollner

I hear you loud and clear!!!!

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