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What 80k Buys in Bali


In my fave village in Bali are some new bungalows perched right on the beach.  They are so on my radar right now cause they're for sale - they're under 100k - and they just sit right in my soul.

I just don't ever think I will own in America again.  Huge hassle.  I could pop down some dough for one of these and just rent it out while I'm away.  I mean, RIGHT on the beach - just across from my 4WL headquarters - wild old Lombok. 

They come furnished; they have wi-fi; there's just a handful of them.  Within a few minutes walk, you've got amazing hiking, $5 massages (1 hour), $2 seared tuna caught that morning, incredible diving & snorkeling, 80 cent beers, and the most amazing locals you can imagine.  What a perfect jumping off point for the rest of S. East Asia.  Which is literally the next part of the world I need to tackle.  They be peeps sans dinero, but they sure do know how to live right.

It all makes me so very happy....and, the kind folks who own them rent them for you while you are away.  Insanity.









Penelope in SMA

Here in Mexico, property is fee simple title, EXCEPT for the beach. You own your house and the land, not lease it.


Kinda like on the beach in Baja, or all around Mexico really.

It's all what you make of it...

Wannabe ex-pat

Just one thing. You'll never really own it. Only Indonesian citizens may own land there.

You can get long-term leases, but you end up spending the price of the house, and end up with nothing at the end of the (renewable) term.

Using an Indonesian citizen as a "nominee" is -very- risky. I've heard that the safest way to "own" there is to form an offshore corp. I haven't looked into that part yet, anyone know more?


Where do the chickens live?
Casa sin gallos?
Say it aint so Joe


Maybe Deb and I should split one! Jeez Louise! $80,000 for a cottage oceanfront!


OMG, they're adorable! I'm in the market for something and have the same feelings as you regarding buying in the states. May have to look into a trip to Bali soon! Bet those places won't last long.

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