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2010 Is All About The Shed


It was on a bitter day in early December that I realized that much as I adore NYC, that most def. ain't the city for me.  Por que, you might ask?  Well, for starters - there is no Pacific Ocean rolling around in its back yard.  Yah, there's the Atlantic, but that's not quite the Pac, you know?

Then there's the up factor.  Everything just goes up, not out.  No space, no spread.  No out.  Just this constantly throbbing machine working at all hours in an attempt to unite masses of strangers.  Guess I love being in bed by 8pm.  Or at least in my pajamas.  Love being up by 5 am.  Love sunrise, love the moment just after sunset. 

On that same day I snapped the bridge leaving Brooklyn, I thought to myself.  Nah, MST girl, it's water, it's tropical, it's away from anything normal and plain.  Which oddly, big cities now seem that way to me.  Just hum-drum.

What isn't normal and plain is a sailboat. Neither is a little tow behind travel trailer rigged out with solar panels down in Mexico. I'm seriously contemplating a full upgrade to the new Airstream International - with the solar package and paprika interior.  That thing is fierce. 

2010 is about mobility for me.  Not as in homebase, but just mobility in the mind.  Total freedom to spread my thoughts out like a pile of coins and pick up the shiniest penny I can find and run with it.  Make it even shinier, with more sizzle.  All these ideas, all these plans.  Some stick.  Some morph.  Some roll away.  Some just marinate and blast out again when least expected. 

New decade.  Make it all about The Shed.  Ditching all that was and embracing all that can be.  What a wonderful world we live in, full of mad, mad opportunity around every corner.  The good life is literally in every Toothie email I get from random folks who are just looking for something a little different.  And, if I show you that in some small way here on BST, well...salut*



Not sure I believe that the experience will come from what vessel you roll in.
Airstream - not saying I'm doing it for sure, but you just never, never know...

wiley stagg

Forget about the Airstream it will draw to0ooo much attention and you will not have the same experiences. Just get a Class B, its m,ore than enough room for you and won't be so conspicuous and will mget much better gas mileage. Just a thought.

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