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A Bird and The Pacific


Here I was on my way to the tip of the Marina del Rey pier and I lazily strolled past a bird just gazing away across the Pacific.  Exactly what I was on my way to do.  Whipped out my iphone and off he went. The picture turned out better than if I'd gotten his mug in it.  Just a nothing but wings and a full take off to distant lands (Santa Monica pier, I'm sure).  

All that said, I'm finally back from the mess of New Jersey and life is finally straightening back out. My poor shambled, sloppy, sassy life is on the ups once again and I can't wait for the new year.  Plus, can't be happier to get back onto the Tooth and really assess what the hell is shaking down in 2010.

Salut to birds, wings, water and faraway places.



Barry C

I think thats a great Pic ..

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