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I Think I'm Done with Eating Out For a Minute


Was hauling back from AZ for the holidays and popped onto Roadfood.com on my iphone and happened to zone right in on a soul food restaurant in downtown Phoenix.  Done. 

Looking back - I mean, REALLY?  Who needs this much food in their tummy?  All veggies, which is good, but I killed that plate of food in about 5 minutes.  With cornbread.  That cannot be right.  Cannot be healthy, even. 

If I eat a meal I made, I feel like a billion dollars.  If I eat out, well...once I'm over the initial excitement - I'm always exhausted and need a nap immediately.  It might not fit into my upcoming program at all.  I need to nest, to cook, to putter a bit.  And, for real - to finally master organize my life.  I think eating out will just slow me down.  I read yesterday that it takes 40 days to break a habit.  Could I possibly go 40 days without eating out? And, let's toss in no sugar to that mix as well - except in rum and coffee!

OK - no eating out, but I can drink out.  Which is even harder, cause after a few Cuba Libre's - all I want are some salty fries with ranch.  That's the resolution thought and I'm sticking to it.  Interesting to see how my mood will flow with only homemade in the system.  

And, you know what - though the meal was "good," in no way, shape or form did it compare to the spread my Granny can make in her sleep.  Nothing from a restaurant ever quite does. 

I already miss my fave Vietnamese joint, and the pupusas I can't have for 40 days.  What to do when I'm traveling then? Which is coming up in a few weeks for work...OK - whilst traveling, I'm good if I just eat right.  None of this wild pizza fiasco, everything all smothered in ranch nonsense.

Prepare for me to finally achieve health.  I'm really serious :)



Mrs. White's was totally the joint.
PS - I have failed in so many ways on this quest. What a fool I am....



eating out is cool...but...! I just got home from my Christmas trip to vist family. I stayed with my Dad and his second wife Tina, who is bang out amazing in the kitchen. Her saying is, which i qoute "don't throw that away"

Getting home, i am so inspired that I spent the day yesterday (& today) cooking up everything I had in the fridge and then some,and then dragging over who ever i can to come and eat.

honestly..as you know the best part is sharing.


Were you at the Mrs. White's Golden Rule downtown? I transplanted to Phoenix from the delicious creole & soul food in New Orleans. One bite of Mrs. White's blackeyed peas and I was back at my grandma's kitchen table. Mmmm!

shane C.

I can pretty much relate to eating out; lived for 6 months in a hotel in Minneapolis and another hotel in Winnipeg. It gets old and tiring, more- expensive. After a while, the craving for restaurant food goes away. Having professionally trained as a sushi chef- I practice the healthy lifestyle of Japanese eating. There is a saying- just eat enough to kill the hunger pain... in Japanese cuisine.

The Little Tokyo in LA has so many ramen shops! One place with good black pork- broth. I don't see any Japanese foody pictures; Misty you are not into Japanese cuisine?


Well, OK - while traveling. As long as there is still a way for us to get your inspiring take on great food (inspiring to go try something new and different).

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