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5 More Reasons to Love Baja and Want to Win the 4th World Love Contest!

4th World Love Contest Winner to be Announced in a Few Weeks!

Bahia sailboats

At the end of January, we'll announce the winner of the 2009 4th World Love contest.  You still have a little time to enter if the above photo interests you.  And, if it doesn't...well, man you must have no sense of adventure in your bones!

Think:  A Misty-led road trip escape to Baja for a week, with a night on my pirate-style sailboat in Marina del Rey included. 

All you have to do is donate $100 (all donations are 100% write-off and all funds raised go directly into the quest to find and start a new 4WL location down in the outlaw land that is Baja).  The more $100's you donate, the more times your name goes in the pot!

Check out 4WL for more intel and thanks loads for all the amazing donations thus far.  Our Indonesian CDC is thriving with ideas, volunteers, programs and English lessons galore.

The trip happens this Spring 2010 and all costs are included.  Meaning, we got your back!



Why don't you do it and make it for SOS Haiti? $100 entry fee!


I like this idea. I may be re-purposing it for SOS. What's a good entry fee for a 5 day charter in the South Pacific?

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