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9 Shades of Indo Happiness

Why would you want to volunteer at 4th World Love's Indo outpost?

You walk amongst clouds...every single day.

You hang maps for people who've never before seen maps...and you show them how far away your home is.

You screw up what could have been the happiest map photo of all time by being the only one not in good form.  Yet the photo still shines.

You squat on dirt floors and find more pleasure in that motion alone than you do from an entire spa day.

You laugh with wild abandon.   Hyena-like even.

You turn a lovely scarf that took 2 weeks to weave into a fashion statement that others want to emulate.

You smile like its going out of style.  All dreamy like...all the dang time.

You learn to ride a motorbike and wonder why do cars even exist?

You forget what a shower is...and simply don't care.  Long as you wash with volcanic water now and again, all good.

You teach pigeon Spanish, combat frisbee, and plastic bottle recycling to packs upon packs of villagers.

You make entire families come together over a sweet photo.  And, you all cackle in unison with pure joy.

You brainstorm with people who never once had an outsiders ear all to themselves.

And, sometimes...you make their dreams come true.

You look back over your photos once you are home - and you want to go STRAIGHT BACK...and when you do, you are remembered by EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the village.  No matter how long you stayed.

If you ever decide you want to rock it in Indo with 4WL remember, it's cheap - $100 per week, all food/lodging/guides included.  We set it all up for you and you can roll out anytime.  Make 2010 count.




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