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Dough Could Make the World Go Round


If the entire world could just have a taste of this pizza, or a couple of these pretzel sticks at the exact same time - I would think that everyone could experience happiness at its highest and fullest. 

In a blissful global dough moment.  Violence would cease, pain would erase, lives would be changed.  All over a little a bit of flour, salt, olive oil, and yeast.  Could you just imagine?

Brother's Pizza in Staten Island has perfected the pizza.  Plain and simple.  Best I had in all the time I spent in NJ shooting "Jerseylicious."  And, we ate boatloads of pie.  Every day was pizza friggin' pie.  Same goes for penne with vodka sauce.  They kill it. 

Now - Auntie Anne's - I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's got the one up on Wetzel's.  Had the salty sticks for breakfast - dunked in some warm cheese sauce - at JFK on my way out of town.  I simply have no words.

Have some dough.  You will be so pleased.




Freely Living Life

You have been an inspiration to us from go! We admire your passion for life and travel.

We have finally decided to break down and start to blog about our journey. We wanted to let you know that you have made it to our "Cream of the Crop" blogroll! We love to follow your blog. :)


Will you stop? You're making me hungry! But I agree. If everyone could have a bite of that beautiful pizza, what a happy place Earth would be.

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