9 Shades of Indo Happiness
Always the Scheme.

Enola Rockin' All 3 Sails...


Haiti devastated.  I can't even get past the horrificness of it all.  Yet, a cupcake still eaten.  A faraway trip still planned.  A pal still about to cross the Pacific.  A TV show still made.  A book still read.  A laugh still had.  A workout still sweated thru.  A bargain still sought after.  A boat still cleaned.  A dream still realized.  A movie still watched.  A wall still painted.  A life still lived.

In times like these, it's just best to be on the ocean.  Period.



Good time to take stock. Know one knows when time is up, so what do you want to do with yours?


Life goes on,,prayers to those victims and a warm thank you to you for your thoughts this morning!

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