People Are Just Good.
Sometimes You Just need 80 Hours in Mexico to Remember What Life is All About

People Are Just Good - II


Still on the Kemo rum adventure, I came tearing out of the liquor store con Cap't and this happy little nana was standing there staring down at a small pile of ice and snow.  Bewildered at what to do.  The look of relief in her eyes at seeing me was transparent and with no hesitation - she said, "Grab my hand, girl, and help me cross this snow."  Yes Ma'am! 

Once she made way safely, clutching to my arm tight as a tick, she giggled like a wee child and almost rocked a curtsy.  I told her how beautiful and alive she looked out in the cold.  She was delighted/stunned at the compliment, threw me a cheery thank you, and carried on with her day. 

And, so did I.

This is the song I imagine she skipped away to, thinking that the day was shaping up just fine (click link below): 



Levinson Axelrod

Enjoyed reading this post very much. Very touching.

Freely Living Life

Just look at that sweet face!! Awww. She melts my heart and I can just hear the giggle you speak of. :)

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