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San Fran - A City Quickly Remembered.


People save their entire lives to rock certain trips.  Coastal cruise up the 1, for instance.  But, when you reside in Cali - well, these trips are as easy as hopping in the truck and hittin' the road.  The destination was San Francisco, a place I've always said I'd call home if I wanted to live the city life.  

Funny how one persons SF can be so different that my San Fran.  To me, it's meandering sailboats, the incredibly fresh sushi and sake at Atami (my forever perfect sushi joint), mist rising from crab pots and containers of giant crabs, mimosas at Zazie (along with shotgunning a spicy bloody mary at the chill bar next door), and brave/ass machiato's from Cafe Francisco.  That's all I really need from the city to be satisfied.

It was a quickie trip and more impressive than the clean little city itself was the 14 hour ride back to LA.  So much like Baja it hurts.  Did all the things you're supposed to do on excursions like these - chowed on fish 'n chips (Rated Top 5 in the country by Coastal Living), wolfed down a bowl of creamy clam chowder, munched on somehow-warm ice cream, saw the hilarious seals lining the beach near Hearst Castle (ever seen seals make love?)...and just looped and rolled all the way down the painfully beautiful coast. 

Now I've done it.  Next up has to be Catalina.





Nice photo's of San Francisco! There's a lot to see and do and it's truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world - I'm a native San Franciscan.

I share your love of Mexico - Isla Mujeres -especially. Love all of your photo's and enjoy reading your blog. Nice to see a girl who is living the dream.

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

SF - will always have my heart. Sometimes I really miss living there. But it sure is a great place to visit!


The only thing I could possibly ever call it is San Fran. SF in text or email. Sorry. Trust me, it ain't that bad.

Local Color


There are 2 quick ways to make yourself known to Bay Area residents as out of the know. Calling San Francisco "San Fran", or worse yet, "Frisco" will immediately brand you as being from Somewhere Else, a clueless rube, an SF resident wannabe or worse. You're better than that!

If you're in the area, you can say, "I'm going to the City today," and people will know you mean San Francisco. Call it SF, San Francisco; the Bearea, but not those others, please!

And yes, it has it's issues: One of the most expensive places in -the world- to live, historically lousy public transit, and way too many hipsters who move to SF, and after 2 months, claim to be locals. Yeah, I'm a little cranky about it. It was not too long ago when rush hour was only on weekdays; not 24/7 like it is now.

And Lee, please go easy on the bluefin tuna, they are having a lot of trouble maintaining their population lately.

A Bay Area Resident, and native Californian


I would kill for a proper sushi dinner. Hard to beat fresh caught tuna, but a spider roll, fresh salmon, shrimp boat (specialty at the greatest sushi joint in the world in OC), uni to finish and some cold saki would hit the spot.

Tell me you are sailing your beautiful boat to Catalina? French Harbor and the buffalo milk is still a favorite.

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