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What's More Interesting? Food or Scenery Pix?


What's the better picture?  Food or scenery?  I love the waves crashing all mighty and wild.  But, I'm a one-shot Charlie on those shots.  Click.  Yup, got it.  What's next to eat?  Ice cream?  Fish 'n chips with tangy malt vinegar?  Steaming clam chowder with hundreds of oyster crackers sprinkled on top?  I can snap dozens of photos of food and it never loses its appeal.  Close up on the cracked pepper.  Get tight on the oyster cracker.  Just one tong of the fork.  I love macro.

I was so sick from shoving down food on the way down Highway 1, I did the only thing I could do.  I ended it all with a bag of Funyuns.  Could be the best thing I'd eaten all day.  All they hype (thanks on the rest of the food was just above average.  Funyuns however...those spun me for a loop.



Esther (Isla Mujeres)

You do have a way with the camera. I love your pictures and your way of telling a story. Scenery was great but my mouth watered over the food pix.

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

I love looking at other people's photos of both. But I prefer taking pics of food. My old P-n-S camera isn't the greatest for scenery, but I've been able to coax some decent food pics out of 'er! Two of my current fave photo sites: (for food) and (for scenery, plus).


I do have to are the queen of macro! Gorgeous scenery though too.

Loved the smelt pics yesterday. They made me laugh (and hungry).

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