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Me + Food - I'm Not Sure You'd Believe Me If I Told You *


My relationship with food is the one constant in my life that never, ever wanes.  Let's just say - coming from a chick who has real trouble with commitment - the love never dies between us.

Every single waking moment is spent thinking about 2 things - escape and what I'm eating on the way out.  Curiously enough, my long, delicious love affair with F-O-O-D isn't even about the actual meal.  It's about the condiments, seasonings, and accoutrement's that play side car to the actual dish.

Forget the pizza - it's about the egg on top and the ranch I dunk it in to.  It's not about the french fries - it becomes an freakish obsession with the salt, ketchup, mayo combo I dunk them into.  Mmmmmm salad - nope - it's about the feta sprinkled on top.  Egg salad or tuna sandwich sounds sooooo good - but that's cause they are doused in vats of mayo.  Popcorn = butter.  Toast = chunky blackberry jam.  Fritatta = spicy aioli.  Cupcake = icing.  Milk = chocolate.  Spring rolls = peanut sauce.  Fish & Chips = malt vinegar.  Spinach salad = shaved parmesan.  Tostada = crema.  Chips = dip.  Black beans = avocado.  Rice = soy sauce.  Octopus = lime.  Chicken Soup = onions & cilantro.  Martini =blue cheese stuffed olives. 

The list goes on and on and on and my quest for the perfect meal, the perfect bite, the perfect food experience plays out on an hourly basis.   Many times I'm disappointed.  In fact, most times.  But - sometimes - in all these little eating adventures I go on - I find myself crumbling from mouth ecstasy.  Fish & Chips and the Clam Chowder soup at Baleen - both are maybe the finest versions I've ever had.  Patrick Roadhouses version on the other hand...well, lets just say I shant be back for those.  Frittata at Bar Pinxto - man, if you get it right when they's a glorious thing.  I've had three others since at three different restaurants that we're sub-par at best.  Almost embarrassing, actually.

I always thought Chicago was the perfect food city.  But, slowly...very slowly I'm discovering LA via all my random, gotta-quench-the-desire-right-now bites.  It's a good thing.  A real good thing.  And, this ain't even the half of it.  

{Pls forgive the quality of my iphone photos - sometimes I just don't have my camera with me!}















Your life isn't going to be complete until you do the fresh jugos and salsas of Cartagena. Food, good. Salsa's, mind numbing.

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