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Rancho Pescadero & Where to Jet Come August


6 Weeks and Counting

When this gig I am on is over, I'll have been working 17 months straight.  Them's some harsh numbers for a chick like me.  In 6 weeks I get a one week break. Let's focus on that MST. 

Everyone on the crew is discussing where they'll head between two 10 episode runs...and the top of mine has gotta be Mexico.  I need somewhere that's is 5 hour flight or less.  Someplace where I can be in the ocean all day long.  A place far off the grid, where I know a few folks at most.  Maybe back to Baja for some surf lessons with Carlos at Cerritos?  Or back to Isla Mujeres - it's been way too  long.  Should I check on my trailer and wile away the days down in San Miguel de Allende?  And, then there's Yelapa and my fave ceviche in the world.  All I know is it AIN'T here.  I'll need to come back mad refreshed for another 6 month sprint to the end...and there ain't a single place stateside that's gonna satisfy me.  1st flight out, come Augusto :)

When I was just in Baja, I did stop into a cool new joint called Rancho Pescadero.  Situated on the ocean in a super lush little valley, just outside of still-sweet Todos Santos.  They had a jalapeno spiked shot of tequila that blew my mind.  Tasted like liquid nachos.  Very tucked away place, right on the beach, best sunsets on the Pacific. 

Gone.  Just gone.

The song that will take you right where I'm headed in August - Toes














La Mision - Baja - Impressive Hotel Food - Who Would Ever Guess?


Yes - some hotels do get the food right.

The minute I step down into a hotel room, I usually can't wait to scram out the front door and disappear down a back alley - just to see what the real food is.  It's always, always in the dives...however, sometimes a hotel can surprise you.  La Mision - my absolute fave place at the moment in Loreto, Baja is one such place. 

First of all the view is BANANAS.  The calm of the ocean over a coffee-heavy breakfast, the way the waves begin to gather some cojones just after lunch, and then...the moment a nice, sweet buzz seeps in after a few sips of their brilliant ojo rojos...just after the 2'oclock hour, of course.  And truly, the sunsets from the dining room are enough to make one weep.

Second up, the food.  Don't get me wrong, it's not the best in the world...but it is mighty damn fine.  The super sweet shrimp and scallop risotto took me aback and I was delighted to find creamy hummus on the menu.  Not sure what's up with all the thick balsamic slathered all over the plates, but it's so pretty, ya might as well toss some on the goods.  Chocolate brownie desserts are thick and gooey, and once a week they have a straight-from-the-brick-oven pizza night for $7 bones.  All you can eat.  The local expats team up in a fury to slam down a couple of these. 

Witness sunset.  Quaff ojo rojos.  Attempt to explain to the gorg boys running the kitchen what a grilled cheese it.  Settle on extra cheese on pizza.  Tip back another drink.  Read a scary book.  Hop in hot tub.  Nap during the most brutal heat of the day.  Flip back yet another ojo rojo.  Walk around the sun-baked block only to trot back to a freezing cold room and a down comforter.  Gaze at stars.  Watch sailboats meander by.  Throw back some french fries.  Settle under the waterfall in the deserted pool. 

Truly an escape.