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Gone - But Not.


Where do I even begin after so long away from The Tooth?  How could I have ever let this happen?  Guess that's what the reality is when you work on a TV show.  You leave your home, you set up camp in a temp housing situation, you hurl yourself into work, and seriously, you just continually grasp for some sort of solid piece of LIFE in all the mayhem.  I'll tell ya this, it ain't easy - and it def. ain't glamorous.

I will say though - I find the good in it all.  Play tennis with my buds.  Research Airstreams as much as I can.  Learn to throw darts with my cousin.  Eat crab cakes my the river.  Go to the shore and drink champagne with strawberries in it.  Laugh til my side hurts.  Plot and plan my escape per usual.  I just don't toss down ideas on the Tooth.  Only thing lacking.  There simply just isn't time.  And, for real - I like to share all kinds of things I find on the road.  And, NJ isn't really the road, you know?

Oh yah - I also don't have any concept of reality any longer.  Not a single lick of it.  Everything I love is away - I make improvements on my sailboat from afar.  I barely have time to chat with my mom and dad, my 2 fave peeps on earth.  I drift in and out of this bizarre realism of life and non-life. 

However - all that said.  I'm back.  In a way.  Here, but gone.  Away, but so very close.  Always, always, always scheming about escape.  New Tooth series on the way.  I'm here til OCTOBER, for the love - gotta do something to make these days passsss........