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Baja Fish Taco - The Holy One is Found in Todos Santos


Fish Taco Nirvana

There's a tiny stall down in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico that has mastered the art of the Baja fish taco.  Actually George's Taco Stand has taken it to a whole new level. 

Flaky white fish and sweet shrimp tacos are each made to order - with saucer eyes, I watched each piece as it was gently dipped into a sizzling batter and laid across a just warmed corn tortilla.  Eaten alone, each 90 cent taco is tremendous.  But when you dress them up proper with the myriad of garnishes, salsas, limes, pickled onions, crema, slaws, peppers and such, they become out of this world.

Brad and I got to where we'd eat a handful for breakfast before heading down to surf in Cerritos.  Why are there no fish tacos like this in LA?  I think it's the way they batter the seafood. Or the oil they fry it in.  Or the freshness of the fish.  It's literally caught that morning at most places and in your belly by noon.  Then, you're on E again and ready for a refill.  

Every day a whole new rainbow of opportunities comes up when George's opens for business.  I'd repo down there for these tacos alone.







How Do You Measure Happiness?


For me the true measure of my happiness is simple food.  It's really the only thing that rips me straight from any element I'm in (happy or sad) and tosses me right into a very tangible level of hyper-joy. 

When a friend in Baja tells me he knows where the best ceviche in the world is - I follow immediately.  This trip 'round, I found the best ever Baja fish tacos (eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), the most delicious crab ceviche I've even inhaled, a small palapa-style restaurant sporting perhaps one of my Top 5 meals in the world...down a dirt road, mind you...and a batch of wild chocolate clams that blew my mind.

Details - all happy and blissful - coming on all.

The Trailer in San Miguel de Allende via Surfing in Baja


There is nothing out there. 

Which is why it makes sense.

I don't care what a soul says, Baja is one of the most majestic places on the planet.  I have a dark week from work and am headed straight there to lay into some surfing.  It's just a wild space down there...and I love the way it eases my soul.  Hair is crazy, eyes are bloodshot, sun is blazing and a light buzz is always, always on.

So - I'm heading out in the AM - then this weekend flying over to San Miguel de Allende FINALLY.  I left my little solar trailer down there a few years ago (I was supposed to be heading right back!)...and I can't wait to see how she's held up.  I'm gonna take a few tennis lessons there (and stun my partners upon my return to NJ), maybe do some yoga, wander the village and just all around DRINK.  And...also meet up with 4th World Love's first ever volunteer (in Indo) who just happens to be down in SMA at the moment.  Teeny-tiny world. 

On the back 10 episodes of this show, I will be diving back into The Tooth.  I know I said that before...but this's real.  I miss the daily doin's.