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Best Drinks in the World and Where They Be Found


Absolutely my favorite thing to do the in the world is tie one on.  Sort out where I'm having my next one.  Just take the edge off.  Have a bit of a breather. 

So, why not lay out some round-the-world details of where to have the perfect libation?  There are so many goodies.  From South Africa, to San Miguel del Allende, to Baja, to Indo, to Isla Mujeres, to Yelapa, to Greece, to Italy, to TN, to Marina del Rey.  All of them.

My next posts shall explore them all.  Cause it's my favorite thing EVER.  And, why not?  We're all dead soon, anyhow.  Might as well go out lit.

This would be a good one to listen to whilst figuring out where to have your next one.


Me Gustas Tu



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