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Mojitos in Todos Santos - Con Killer View


It's all about the crushed ice.

The best mojito I ever had was in Nicaragua.  Little Corn Island to be precise.  It's mainly cause they crushed the ice and used no artificial ingredients.  That, the stars, the pounding surf and the full moon actually are what made the drink mad memorable.  I still toss that memory about my mind at least once a week.

Since then, I've had a rather difficult time finding 'tenders who will use crushed ice.  They look at me like I'm nuts.  But, sometimes they go the extra mile, beat the shit outta some ice, and throw down on a delicious mojito.  Like at a new, super-chill hotel in Todos Santos called Guaycura

It's a very hip place on a dirt road with a killer roof-top deck to watch the sunset from.  Drinks are way too expensive, but when the jazz band is up there playing and the bar folks are willing to go the extra mile, I'm all in.  One after another, after another.  They just go down soooo easy. 

The rooms are quite nice.  I could imagine tucking away and just getting some shiz done in this little place.  $1 fish tacos by day and mojitos 10x that price by afternoon and night.  Look, you pick your savings and sometimes it ain't in the booze.

The whole place is quite lovely - twinkly, sparkling and sophisticated all at once.  But down a dirt road.  Exactly my style.









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