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I Once Traveled. Now I Eat.


Once upon a time, I used to travel.

I'd take off on a whim and just hit the road to anywhere.  Could be old haunts, sometimes new lands.  Just anywhere but where I was at the moment.  The road is where I figure stuff out.  Where the lines between past/present/future merge together and I can finally, finally get somethings laid out into something proper.

Ah, but that was once upon a time ago.  Now, it seems I just work.  Work and work and work.  So, I must travel thru food.  Good food that is all so fun to track down and introduce to new peeps (namely the crew on this TV show).   Best new find as of late out here in the nowhere-land that is NJ is Pithara Tavern, a little Greek spot in Highland Park.

It's next door to a small grocery/liquor store that sells all Greek wines that ya haul over to the BYOB.  And, the proper thing to do is just order wild.  Plaki-style snapper (unbloodybelievable), spicy hummus with grilled pita triangles, charred octopus in a copper pan dripping with olive oil and tangy vinegar, chunks after chunk of salty feta,  soft gigantes with dill, homemade yogurt that is just silly good, rice stuffed tomatoes, branzino grilled whole.  Couple of bottles of Greek rose and you've got a trip straight to the baby island of Anti-Paros. 

Oh yah, I used to travel.













Yes! I am hoping to take a break at Christmas. Where will you be? I would love a visit.

Lee Winters

Is SE Asia still in your future?


Nancy - that would be the most delicious, vinegar-splashed octopus in New Jersey!


Yikes, WTH is that thing that looks like it has a tail?

Dawn (KitchenTravels)

Beautiful food. It really can transport you to another time and place. How do you think I get back to Mexico these days? Margarita and a big bowl o' guac. ;)

John Hardin

That all looks sooooooo good! I will have to look that place up next time I'm in Jersey.


Now my mouth is watering...See there are other ways to escape. ;)

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