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All I Really Want is a Dog


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Been thinking a whole heck of a lot about dogs lately.  Total consumption.  Maybe because I finally feel at home somewhere.  I haven't had any sort of beast in my life since I first left TN a gazillion years ago - and my mom + dad took over the care of my boy Charlie.  Why now?  Every day, I get all wrapped up on line, searching, digging, rooting thru websites looking for the perfect dog.

Ran into this guy in a dark bar in NYC a few months back and he'd be my perfect dog.  Just chill.  100% at home in a bar.  Everybody's friend.  What about all the travel?  Does the critter come with?  Guess it depends?

I've been nesting the past couple few - short break.  Taking care of lots of little things. My buddy Wade just made a super-sonic donation to 4th World Love, which sealed the deal on getting the Sembalun/Indo CDC a brand new Apple MAC computer.  They are gonna be nutty with joy.  And, with all the volunteers coming over there these days, there will be plenty of teachers.

I've got some Christmas Beans on the stove.  The smell is intoxicating.  I dropped a whole onion in the pot and tomorrow the soup is gonna come out killer.  PERFECTED the most insane veggie sandwich ever last night for my parents  - mega high fiber bread (Squirrely) toasted up on stove with a bit of butter and one side topped with shredded sharp white cheddar, the other side topped with sliced apples and grilled onions...plus some long slices of smoked veggie sausage.  All of it drizzled with sweet honey mustard from the farmers market.  We were all like what in the sam hell kind of flavor is this.  Worth at least a million.

Been brainstorming 4WL ideas for 2011 (Surf retreat in Baja for sure on the horizon) and finally moved my sailboat into its new slip.  It's always FREAKY as hell getting into a slip the first time cause deep down, you just know that the beast of a boat ain't making it.  Met all the neighbors (couple of whom are taking off on round-the-world jaunts in the near future) and have just been laying low.

OH - back to the dog.  My pal Gina always says I need a Mexican dog.  A puppy is what I need.  A Mexican mutt.  I wanna get back to San Miguel de Allende so soon - and maybe I'll pick one up there.  Remember the joint I volunteered at while Iwas there a few years back?  SPA?  Their doggie page has some cuties.  Maybe I'll swoop me up one right down there and jam her across the border with me.

All I know is 2011 is coming right up...and I've never been more on top of my smile :)

Oh, and btw - for all of those folks who think me and my magazines are just too much...well, that little colorful wall of madness is about to be a FloBo flip unlike no other.  BAM!  Years and years of source material finally being put to use...yes, the inner sanctum has been penetrated.

Ahhh, and one more thing - Wexler, one of my favorite vendors, got me Apple TV for Xmas.  HOLY SHIZ.  Just get it.  Best thing ever.






Looking forward to reading about the dog that picks you!

Getting my dog was the best decision I ever made. It makes working in film feel whole and every coming road trip that much more fun!

Continued success!


Yup...mexi-mutt is the way to go. Either you find one in the middle of nowhere or like most great loves...it finds you when you aren't really looking.

The house boat is amazing! xo


woof wooof...!


We travel with dogS--3 of em'

One a yellow lab guide dog for my husband--one
a MEXICO rescue from San Miguel--the most
opinionated, sweet, lovable and laugh-inducing maddening dog ever (just turned one year old) AND one more--a border collie we rescued from the desert in California. A great buddy to the MX mutt, who is also part border collie. I drive all over the US in a custom built RV--(my husband is legally blind) AND work, AND we haul the 3 dogs with us everywhere, including to our home in SMA--that's over 200 pounds of canine love. They are not little dogs. :-) So my advice is: 1. get in touch when you hit SMA--and 2. get a dog from SAMM (Save A Mexico Mutt) which can even transport your love-dog from here to anywhere USA. It's cool. And there's nothing like a Mexico Mutt to make your life complete. Happy New Year! Tina

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