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I'm Taking Alternative Living to the Next Level


When I say I'm drifting...I really, really mean it.

Nobody really knows this, but a few months back I bought the FloBo.  That's short for Floating Boat.  Which is another way to say Floating Home.  I scooped it up while I was out East working and just got back a few days ago to Marina del Rey and the the FloBo.  It's 3 floors (2400 sq ft including the top deck - which happens to have the highest 360' view in the marina) and quite simply, a floating beast.

Here's the thing.  I want to flip it 100% and make it as green as possible.  Solar array, rooftop garden, possible radiant heat flooring and maybe even geothermal (why dig a well when I live ON TOP OF the Pacific?). The green list goes on and on, and the possibilities are utterly endless.  Or not.  See, that's the quandary - this thing floats on platforms, so there is only so much you could add before you start to sink.  Or, you could add more flotation.  But, how does one do that?  Exactly! 

I was gonna wait til it was all done and done to move, but then I got back and couldn't resist moving onboard - why not?  What an amazing way to live.  Like right now - it's pouring rain, the tug-horns are honking somewhere in the marina, little ducks are racing across the water for shelter and this joint is tight as a tick. I got my HD DirecTV all hooked up and the wi-fi is 4G and fiercely fast.  Sure it's old and a bit like a cabin right now, but who cares, it's so cozy...What else is there?

Of course I will be documenting the entire flippage as it goes along, piece by piece.  So much research to do - so much reading, 'net exploration, site surveys, scouting trips, talking to designers/architects/contractors.  What a straight-up FUN journey this will be.  Just trying to make my footprint in the world a little bit lighter.  Oh, and check this - I can see my beautiful sailboat right out of my office window.  Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Tonight was the first night I've made a home-cooked meal in the small kitchen (get ready to be ripped out little kitchen) - and it was delish.  First of all, to have a gas stove again, ahem...propane...(electric is the worst thing ever)...I whipped up a tidy little bowl of whole grain pasta tossed with fresh sardines, lemon juice, lots of butter, a clove of garlic and a couple of spoonfuls of this super-yummy kale and almond pesto I got today from the farmers market.  Topped it all off with some big, fat feta crumbles.  Lord, I've missed cooking.  But, guess what?  I'M BACK)







Brenda Kingston

We had a family in the Lake Powell area who died because of some kind of gas or exhaust that got into their houseboat and killed them. So make sure you have some kind of gas detector they do make them. I envy you being able to live on this boat. I would love love love to be able to do that! What city are you in?

Teri Pittman

Be very careful with propane in a boat. It's heavier than air and will settle into the bilge. Boats can be lost due to propane leaks causing explosion.

I love propane myself, but my boyfriend is boat-wise having lived on a Chinese junk for several years. We currently have a 50 ft Chris Craft Aqua Home that we are remaking to live aboard. It looks like a lovely setup!

Marina Del Rey Boat|Yacht

Living on board your boat can be devine.

As you prepare to flip don't forget the importance of underwater boat cleaning.

Boat bottom cleaning includes a survey with still and video. Recommend it be done before, during and after the work.

Sounds like you're having fun.

The meal looked delicious.

Capt. John Block


Now that looks like fun!


Freaking love this!! When can I come visit?!?!

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