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The Best Fish Sandwich in the World


Fish Sandwich Nirvana

The roof is made from weeds, the chairs are plastic, the parking lot is gravel...and the fish sandwich is quite possibly the best in the world.  Carlito's Place in the tiny pitstop of Pescadero, Baja is at the top of my list of killer meals needed again ASAP. 

Soft toasted bun, creamy slaw, crispy battered fish (probably caught that day).  My god, the JOY.

I'm finally leaving Jersey today - headed back to LA and my boat and my life.  And, you know what's just a hundred + miles away?  Baja...







I'm all over that sandwich like a cheap suit. Don't know if it'll be as good as my fish finger sandwich made at midnight in an East London kitchen after way too many beers, though?

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