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A different side of Mexico...

This last sojurn to Mexico, I tried somewhere new.  A tiny slice of heaven you should all get to know called Costa Careyes.  It's a funky mish-mash of a boutique hotel, a Mediterranean village with amazing condo-style rooms, and super-high end villas for rent by the night/week/month.  Incredibly exclusive, but very affordable.  Yes!  Just up my alley. 

I opted for the village area - where I was done up with my own private plunge pool.  Just insane stuff.  All open-aired and somehow I scored a full on 2 bedroom/3 bath 2-story beast of a room.  The silence was golden.  The air was always flowing through the open windows.  The view was sick. The hammock on the front deck was swaying.  The flowers were flush around the entire property.  The private beach was quiet.  The fish were out in full force for snorkeling.  The passion fruit drink was killer.

See that giant rock out there - we kayaked around that thing and then just around the bend was the shack of a beachfront palapa with fresh ceviche and cold beer.  How in the world could this be topped?

Basically - you fly into Puerto Vallarta, rent a car and jam 3.5 hours all the way south down the coast til you come upon the most incredibly lush stretch of Mexico out there.  It hast to be.  I will be back.









William Weed

You didn't mention the cost of the room. That would have possibly made it even more inviting. You were rewarded for being willing to go out and beyond the norm. Good going!


you asked, "Why Can't the Whole World Be As Lush As Mexico?"
Because then nobody would ever leave where they are at, except to visit "inlaws":-((


Ah, but if the rest of the world was as lush as Mexico, it wouldn't be so special.

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