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Again...Rancho Pescadero Slays Me


Hide in a bit of luxe...

At the end of a billion mile trek thru Baja, there is really no finer place to check into than Rancho Pescadero.  It's on the Pacific side of the peninsula - and really just a perfect patch of heaven.  Very quiet, chill music spread evenly poolside, incredible design, thoughtful touches (cowboy hats and plush peach towels by the pool; homemade soaps and lotions cultivated from desert plants; welcome 1st drink on them; free bikes to troll about on; very close proximity to Carlitos - home of best food in Baja), and a killer view anywhere you look.

They have these comfy little day beds out on the beach where you can plop into, draw back the curtains, read a spy thriller and watch the whales cruising by on their way to lay some babies.  Super private.  A set of binoculars are in each room and you can get very close to seeing their heads poppin up every morning.  Watching whales spew water is definitely something to witness in this lifetime.

The yellowtail coming out of the kitchen is mega-fresh.  Just caught and grilled.  And, with a chilly margarita alongside, it's really difficult to leave the joint.  There are reading nooks everywhere - on your front porch, by the sparkly pool, down on the beach, upstairs in the dining area.  Just a haven for all who want to escape and not have anyone bother you.

The list goes on and on about this place and next time I'm down there, I might not go anywhere else.  Just there.  Hidden among the palm trees and tucked into a good book.  Watching stars by night and getting tan by day.  Sipping the hours away.










Baja Beauty - A Perfect Snowbird Location


Between Mulege and Loreto is this insane view...

Every time I go to Baja, I take the same dang photo.  There's a point when travelling on the Sea of Cortez side of the peninsula that this vista appears.  It's slam-on-the breaks beauty, like a full mirage.  Especially after hauling across a torn-up desert. 

So quiet, so peaceful.  Beyond special. 

I can't believe I didn't kayak this trip around - how did that happen?  It all just went down so quickly in a tequila haze.  Guess I have the rest of my life for it, though.

How do you pick the next adventure?  It's like I want to explore all the new spots I've not been to yet, and at the same time, spend so much more time in my fave places round-the-world.  The never ending quest for permenant freedom.  I love the decisions).