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A Word About Chili Oil


I used to loathe spice - now I'm obsessed.

Is that from getting a bit older?  All I ever used to crave was sweets, sugar, things of that nature.  Now its spice, salt and texture.  I can't even really eat tempeh, soy crumbles, fake shit any longer.  It's more like I take real stuff and jack them up with fire. 

Homemade chili oil is so easy to make.  Roast a few in the oven on high, sling them in the processor with peanut oil and voila...something to drench on everything, which a liberal sling of salt.  This mixed with mayo takes a late night scrambled egg sandwich to a new level.  It's like I have to Dish Doctor up everything.  Should be my next show.  Take a chef's special dish...and ramp it up to the next level.  What fun.

Been on the hunt for Schezuan food everywhere I land these days.  It's a spot in China that's so damn frigid, they have to blaze up their food to trick themselves into believing they are warm.  They use liberal amounts of the Sichuan peppercorn which is wild in the mouth.  Like a tingling/numbness that's difficult to describe.  Hot pots filled to the brim with the most delicious aromas hit up the table at authentic Schezuan joints.  Frogs legs in chile oil.  Pan fried noodles in chili oil.  Baby dumplings in sweet/spicy chili oil. 

It's all about this dang oil.  Throw in a bit of brown God, it's enough to drive someone mad with desire.



The Floating Home Renovation - The Next Big MST Project


FloBo Reno on the Horizon

Soon as I finish up the next week or so on Jerseylicious, I'm back in LA working on renovating the FloBo.  Met with a super-cool LEED architect this past week, got my dossier going of all that I want to do INT and EXT, got some As Built plans drawn up (1600+ SQ not including the top level when it's all said and done), and am simply readying myself for the next stage of life. 

Anything but NJ for a minute! 

I'm taking this beast to some next level shit.  It's gonna take a spell, and it's gonna def. take a spit of coin.  But, what an amazing process...cannot wait!


Montauk - South Edison - They Have Managed Perfection in a Bite


Another season down...

It was the first time I'd been alone and away from TV Land in months and months.   Just a shortie pie trip to Montauk, land of endless sun and shine if you believe what all those in the know spew about. 

I just wanted to escape the bowels of New Jersey for a brief second.  Have a good meal by the beach.  I tried to roll out all summer long, but it never could happen - just too busy working myself into a frenzy day after godawful day.  Until one afternoon, I could stand it no longer.  Montauk had to be. 

3.5 hours later, I was at a divey fish shack in the marina drinking some sake.  One hour after that, I was half tossed, cruising around scoping out chippy hotels, deserted beaches, swaying sailboats and the sandy feet of happy people.  What a nice life.  Just a real nice life.

Slowly, I made my way to South Edison, a new joint just off the beach.  I'd been stalking it all summer long.  Make a rez.  Cancel.  Make a rez.  Cancel.

Exactly my kind of place. Seasonal; organic looking elements; amazing locally sourced menu;  chill vibe; delightful cocktology going on.  I managed to drop about a buck fifty just on ME and MY BELLY.  I wanted it all...and had most of it.  Oysters, lobster roll, white shrimp, scallops, olive oil cake, margaritas.   I don't even have words to describe any of it besides perfection. 

We should all eat this way every day of our lives.