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Another season down...

It was the first time I'd been alone and away from TV Land in months and months.   Just a shortie pie trip to Montauk, land of endless sun and shine if you believe what all those in the know spew about. 

I just wanted to escape the bowels of New Jersey for a brief second.  Have a good meal by the beach.  I tried to roll out all summer long, but it never could happen - just too busy working myself into a frenzy day after godawful day.  Until one afternoon, I could stand it no longer.  Montauk had to be. 

3.5 hours later, I was at a divey fish shack in the marina drinking some sake.  One hour after that, I was half tossed, cruising around scoping out chippy hotels, deserted beaches, swaying sailboats and the sandy feet of happy people.  What a nice life.  Just a real nice life.

Slowly, I made my way to South Edison, a new joint just off the beach.  I'd been stalking it all summer long.  Make a rez.  Cancel.  Make a rez.  Cancel.

Exactly my kind of place. Seasonal; organic looking elements; amazing locally sourced menu;  chill vibe; delightful cocktology going on.  I managed to drop about a buck fifty just on ME and MY BELLY.  I wanted it all...and had most of it.  Oysters, lobster roll, white shrimp, scallops, olive oil cake, margaritas.   I don't even have words to describe any of it besides perfection. 

We should all eat this way every day of our lives. 












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