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Indonesian Food - Always Amazing


See now, this is the food I'm talking about.  It's the kind that rural folks round-the-world whip up from whatever they have on hand.   Some would look at this pic and see the grease on the wall, the old dishes, the sheen of oil and be horrified. 

I, on the other hand, see joy.  I see the kind of food I would travel half way around the world to get a plate of.  I found an Indonesian restaurant the other day in LA that was unreal.  Tasted pretty much just like the above that's for real in my fave village of all - Sembalun...on the island of Lombok.

I was going to try to make it over there before another season starts up - but with the travel time, it would take way too long and I'd have about 1 day in the village - so it will just have to wait.  Thankfully, lots of volunteers have been pouring into the village and teaching, creating and spreading the 4th World Love. 

I've got a countdown going already for the end of this season...til I eat proper again!