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Fire Pit vs Wood Fired Oven


Burn, burn, burn...

I've become smitten with wood fired food.  Nothing in the entire world compares to the texture, taste and complexity of something that's been tossed onto a baby inferno and partially charred.  Chewy, crunchy, taste sensation like no other.

Octopus, bread, potatoes, anything at all.  I had some pizza the other day - with smoked mozzarella, thyme, and tomato cream - that shook me in my boots.  Those few bites got me to thinking about building a wood fired oven on the FloBo.  A bona fide real deal wood fired oven!

How hard could it be to toss a few bricks together, sling in some wood and get that mofo rolling?  Not sure that would be a super wise idea atop a mostly wood boat, but my God, the Pacific is underneath it, you know? 

Meanwhile - the little fire pit that the rural folks usually cobble together on the side of the road is priceless.   Crude, rough and does the job.  The meat smells that permate of every corner chop shop is intoxicating.  Makes a vegetarian want to do a full slam of all parts meat quite badly. 

Now, about that wood fired oven...I see it mine and my new restaurants future.