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December 2011

Just Be Thankful - You Got It Good, Trust Me On That One


Funny how we complain every day. 

I'm too bored, fat, lonley, sick, dumb, poor, angry, out of shape, unhappy, whatever.  Oh Really?  But, are you?  When you take and honest-to-god step back from yourself, jack yourself up into an aerial view and check out your life...are you any of the above?  Maybe one, two at most.  In all actuality, our world is pretty dang unreal. 

We eat amazing meals, drink mighty fine drinks, have ice at our disposal, don't hurt for much, dress pretty decent, laugh loads, read good books, glace the paper cause it barely affects us, exercise now and again, keep up with the daily doin's of our fave stars, see first run movies, have savings accounts, sport a solid family to fall back on if needed, and all around just live a super amazing life. 

Not much to really complain about.  These little ones in Thailand were the happiest sprouts I've seen in a long, long time.  And, I work in one of the most "exotic" industries in the world. 

I'd see them playing with a piece of plastic amid a sea of garbage.  Eating only fish cause their Pa just caught it and thats ALL THERE IS.  School?  Yah right?  New clothes?  Hardly.  Their own room?  Try 6 to a bed. 

Yet, they laughed.  They played.  They cheered.  They explored.  They were curious.  They peeked about.  They swam in the sea with sheer and utter delight to be cool when the air was warm.  They roved without shoes.  They chased after bugs.  They were pure and full of light.

Bottom line, they gave me hope.







Back In Thai Time


Today is one of those days where I just need to go back in time. 

Back to another place that felt right and good.  One where the days were made up of sunshine, booze explorations, snack escapades, and all day long walkabouts.  A couple of naps here and there.  Good thrillers.  No clock to watch slowly tick by.

Thailand was all at once magical and trust-worthy.  Every Thai I met felt good down to the core.  Invited me into their little kitchens.  Took pride in a coconut rum drink.  Shined with delight at being a garbage wo/man.  Just to have a job, I guess.  Glowed when I mmmmmm'ed at how good the food was.  All teeth and lips strecthing back into gigantic grins every where I turned.

I did a lot of observing.  Spying with a long lens.  I'm a bit of a natural at building dossiers on those who are unaware.  The sweaty sailor off-loading his vessel.  In my mind, it's all contraband on the make for secret spots.  It's all just something more exciting than the world of television. 

It was cruising about in balmy weather just after a rainstorm looking for a restaurant, THE restaurant, called Bang Po.  There seemed to be dozens, but I'd read about one that was the best food on the island.  Finally, at the end of the run, I found it.  Baby octopus.  Whole fish smothered in chile sauce.  Beer with buckets of ice.  I like quests like that.  My whole damn day revolved around finding one specific restaurant so I could gorge.  That is happiness at its greatest for me.  Like a self-assigned task that eats me alive in the very best way.

Just today, I'm looking for something just out of reach that's bigger and more thrilling that this life.  It's all out there.  It was in Thailand. It's out my front door in the marina back in LA.  It's out my front door on Lake Michigan in Chicago.  It's usually just within a few steps of me, but today is a weird one.  Not even Southern BBQ is a cheer up to my belly/mind/soul.