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My taste buds are usually running the spicy Asian route.  Or down some dusty Mexican dirt road.  Maybe a twirl of country Italy.  Lately, though...all I can think about is Simple.  Honest.  Real.  Homemade.  Food.  No country attached to it, just a ton of freshness.  A smear, a nibble, a kiss of this and that.  SO GOOD.

Slow baked tomatoes for hours and hours since they're not in season.  So easy to do and they come out like candy.  A mix of cheeses blended up with some white wine, garlic bits and fresh thyme.  Mason jars full of so-easy-to-whip up pesto.  All smeared on a cracker with a flick of salt.  Casseroles that cook up in no time, with whatever is rockin' in the fridge.  Some lightly seared octopus.  Why is octopus so easy to jack up?  It's such a simple little treat when charred just right. 

I blame my new Vitamix.  That powerhouse has pretty much ruined me against all things non-homemade.  Killer smoothies, green drinks, ICE CREAM, hell...I just made homemade pear juice for a batch of whiskey cocktails.  I don't even like whiskey - but with the proper muddled ingredients and a chunky ice cube, well...I LOVE ME SOME WHISKEY.

Oh, and I also want a goat.  And, a chicken.  Now, I need land.  Some land somewhere to rest and play.  To read and dream.  To plant and grow.  Problemo is, I like the tropics.  So, that will take some hunting...but I'm on it, don't you fret.  I'm most def on it.







Glad to hear that you are still indulging in your fantasies and always working them into your realities. I must agree, for me, homemade is almost always the best -- asian food is the exception because I do not know those secret seasonings so I leave that up to the street vendors. Have you tried making nut butters yet in your VegiMax? Try it you're gonna like it....cheers from BC!

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