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Custom VS Easy Peasy...

Once I'm done and done with the Flo revamp, it will be time to move onto my next trailer.  Remember the little 14' solar trailer I cruised thru Mexico with and then sold to a sweet gal on the make for her own nutty adventure?  I miss that trailer and the life I was living in it like crazy - just complete and utter streamline of life on wheels. 

However, the airstream's are pretty dang nice.  They're so sassy.  So clean.  But, of course the question becomes - do you buy an old one and gut it and make it like you want it?  Or, do you take the simple route and just buy a semi-new one with all the tricks already in place.   Custom would for sure be the way, but man after the sailboat flip out I've been doing, and then FLO this summer - who the heck knows. I might be ready to hurl myself off a cliff. 

I just know I really like mobility.  I must.  Nothing is on the ground.  What is that?!?!?  It's an addiction for sure.  But, better that than most I'd say...but a nice little 23' Airstream would be a real good way to make my way up and down the coast of Baja.  

Good news of the day!  I got my new canvas and stainless steel with bimini on order today for my sailboat.  Changing it all up to a nice little color called Parchment.  Light khaki...will look super sleek on the sailboat - with the shiny new paint job I'm gonna give her.  The summer is rife with projects.  All so fun...




Cindy Parker

Love your Blog and your Floating Home looks like it is going to be awesome,congrats!


Being someone who did a [partial] renovation on an old Airstream, I say get a newer one and tweak it to your tastes. Then lie back, margarita in hand, relaxing and reveling in the knowledge that you are relaxing and not renovating. Just my two cents ...

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