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My Other Summer Project that Revolves Around Geography


Makin' my way around the world this summer....in a real different way.

Look at all those masts and imagine where in the world these vessels have been.  This is the view right off my little FLOBO porch and it just takes my breath away every time I look out.  That's the thing with a sailboat - just a bit of wind - and bam, you are on your way.

Once I get underway on my remodel, I'm gonna have to chill on my sailboat a bit.  Which is great by me.  It's right up on the main channel and the view is bananas.  All the sea creatures abound and it's literally a slice of mad paradise.  Plus it will give me a chance to get to know all the new projects I need to tackle on it.  They never, ever, ever end.

Meanwhile - I've been marinating this idea about ways to learn more about the world.  I'm pretty decent with geography, mostly due to travel and my crazy trips on food...but there is just so much more to learn.  So, I'm gonna spend the summer and do a little something like this.

Start with the letter A and go thru every country out there. 

Pick 3 of the best films/docs from each country and watch them down.

Then, get into some food - make a few recipes from the country.  Like true to the rural roots food.

And, finally - try to concoct a super crafted cocktail from the herbs and spices the country is mad about.

Of course, all findings will be published right up here on The Tooth.

**There will of course have to be some digging deep research done on each country - just out of plain curiosity and a need to know.  Like how do you fly there, what's the VISA situation, where do they stand politically, what are the human rights issues (guess I'm all about equality), who are the game changes and pioneers of the future (take me to your leader), whats the normal income per family - you know all the things that you'd just get into to become a better educated person about whats on the happs on this giant green planet.

It all starts with the filmmakers though.  The artists in the said countries who go to great strides to get their stories told in a way that sheds a little light on their slice of the world.  We're all so different and yet, most folks just live within their 20 mile radius. 

First country up is A - Afghanistan.  If you've never eaten Afghan, well - let me put it this way - catch ya on the rebound Indian.  I have the first films chosen, so let me get into it and I'll report back pronto.  You might learn a little something, so def check back in on that project as the summer progresses and join me if you want.  Just a real neat way to dig in deeper.

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Hi Misty! Love Afghan food! interesting project as usual.

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