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Another Indo Trip Behind Me...

New Canvas on My Sailboat and Other Improvements


Been awhile since I've given the old Enola update. 

Me and my guy Nando are always working on something - me dreaming, him executing! 

I got a new parchment colored canvas bimini (witn new stainless steel frame) and all hatch covers.  Holy moly - what a difference that light makes.  And now you can stand up while at the helm.  The green was beyond tired and falling apart. 

I just replaced the stove.  I mean, this new one just lights right up.  Guess I've been used to living on the Flo Bo where I need a lighter to light mine.  It's like I've entered a new life with this small gesture. 

I installed a little TV with a mini DVD player.  Of course, all the varnish works needs to be done and redone.  I'm having her painted a new fresh shade of green while I'm away in Indo, as well as having her bottom painted.

I'm on the make for a full radar, chartplotter set up - you know, for the long hauls I anticipate doing someday.  Time to put in the watermaker as soon as I can located it in storage!  I need an autopilot.  I of course need a bit more comfy mattress with some new thread counts. 

Oh, and since I posted last on her, I changed her slip.  She's now right on the main channel for easier in and out access.  Not sure if I ever wrote about the fiasco when me and Lis took her out last (engine died, slip closed in on us, controls caught in the gate...almost never came back and headed straight to Mexico) - it was horrifying.  I'm gonna work this summer to build back up the confidence that was RIPPED FROM MY ENTIRE BEING with that one little dramatic event.  Oh, and about a billion people were out on a Sunday.  Christ.  Anyhow, new slip is much, much better and all the seals and sea lions literally live in my back yard.  Just a nice way to begin or end the day.

Anyhow - the more time I spend on her, the more things I find to tweak.  Nando is always painting something, replacing a hose for this or that, making her look really special.

I just love this vessel.  And oddly, the old owners who sold it to the dude I bought it from reached out the other day.  They were trying to hunt her down and found her via the Tooth.  Must mean she haunts).

And BTW, Enola is the name of the little girl in the movie Waterworld that everyone was looking for - she had the only map to dry land tattooed on her back.  I know Enola is ALONE backwards (which I love), but to finally know from the original owners why they named her that is cool.  I dig alone, though... 

PS, these are iphone photos, so sorry the quality.  And, I don't have the cushions out, but when I do...very cute indeed!

Oh - and just realized that the tempered butter in the last post was at Frasca in Colorado - NOT Casa de Mita in Mexico.  Must have been cause I am planning a trip back to CdM that they made their way into that entry.  Unreal.  They have great butter too:))





What a nice boat! Von voyage!


Nice Sails
I'm buying a boat in Vancouver BC for a live aboard in the summer And to sail to Mexico every winter.
Any advice???

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