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My new fiscal year...

Been on a bit of a cleanse lately.  1000 days in Jersey will do that to you.  I'm just over feeling grody when I eat.  So, I cut it all out for a bit.  Killed off the gluten, the dairy, the sugar, the caffeine, the grease :).  Feeling pretty good and gonna rock it til the end of the month, see what that does for the mind fog. 

Of course, this has me literally day dreaming about what I will toss back the minute months end is here (and PS just before I go back to Indonesia, finally!!).  Eggs with cream cheese?  Spaghetti with loads of butter?  Taco fest galore?  I dunno, nothing even sounds that good right now cause I've been making all kinds of good stuff.  Homemade celery salt - it makes the jarred kind taste like ashes.  Last night I did a veggie lasagne (the noodles were squash and zucchini) with a Vitamix whipped up cashew cheese.  Literally delish.  I was floored.  But, ya gotta think about it, and plan it and shop for it.  The Mar Vista farmers market on Sunday and my CSA is the best place to get it all done.  It you could even witness my smoothie revamp.  Every super food from S. America is tossed into the AM one...not that I feel like a mil - but way, way better than before.  Whenever before was...

Oh yes - I was supposed to lay off alcohol, but that ones been a tad hard - at least it's just been really good Pinot Noirs'.   Not 1/2 dozen margaritas (I do use good tequila though).  Interesting to see what all jacks the mind and bod - and clearly, it's all that I cut out.  Cause not once in this little sojurn have I been sick from food.  Real amazing to know.  This will tell me all that I'm allergic to once I get back on the regular life eating.  But, good thing is - I'll just have to be thinking about what I eat more than not.  I've always been the best eater I it will be primo to see how I lay out my decision making process, especially when I'm taking some long trips later this year.  Where, oh where, shall I end up?

Meanwhile, ever had tempered butter?  I had some down at Casa de Mita in Mexico with each meal and it was like God's candy (as Lisa would say).  Every meal, I would solo house this creamy/thick butter and just knew it was from another land.  This is not the way normal butter tastes.  Of course, leave it to CdM to come up with next level butter. And, leave it to me to figure out how to re-introduce it to my every day at the end of this journey.  It's something to behold.



Dental Consultant

Did you eat tempered butter with bread? I'm very curious what makes it different from your ordinary butter. And if it's God's candy, as you described it, then I'm guessing it tastes heavenly.

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