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I LOVE My Wide Angle Lens


Usually, I'm shooting food, so I rock my macro lens.  But, can you believe on this Indo trip, I didn't bust it out once.  Hauled the macro, wide angle and long lens all the way across the world and didn't even use anything but the wide angle - which I've never even really played with before.  But, once I saw how neat all the pix looked, I fell in love.  AND, figured out how to shoot food with it super close...which is not so easy all the time.

On our last day in the village, we hiked up to the top of this baby mountain where Royal and Hassan had planted a garden full of organic goodies.  Terraced all the way down.  How about the security guard (on left with giant knife/sword) being there so he can chase away the wild boars that come tromping along to eat up all the greens. 

Our boy Hassan says he hikes up to the garden every day to prune and tweak things - clears his mind and makes him happy.  What a haul.  But so worth it.  Daniel (smoker in pix) didn't speak a lick of English last time I was there...and now is pretty dang fluent.  He goes shoeless most of the time and is content in the fields cutting rice.  BUT - he's also a wannabe rock star - who is a master at guitar.  These boys never cease to amaze me.

GOD - I love the wide angle!

Guess I'm A Boat Girl


It all goes back to mobility...

Finally, after years of craving a new dark green paint job, Enola (ALONE spelled backward and also a character in Waterworld - the orphan who had the only map of dry land tattooed on her back was named Enola) was hauled out to the boatyard and is currently drying from her brand new paint job & bottom job.  She will be oh so pretty once she's back in the water. 

Boat yards are magical spheres to me - all kinds of hectic activity going on.  Dreams on the make.  Plans being schemed to get the heck outta dodge (or just the idea of it).  Paint jobs; valves replaced; prop being replaced; thru-hulls being installed.  This is all the madness I got going at the moment.  But, she should launch back to her slip soon and next up is the radar system, a fresh varnish coat, some electrical work and the installation of the anchor windlass.  Oh the joy.  Finally, one project coming to a slight, slight level out.

Which brings me to - I went and looked at airstreams this weekend.  There is a new Airstream only dealer out in San Gabriel (home of best Chinese food EVER) and they are loaded with new airstreams.  I'm digging on the International 23D.  Nice layout. My Rover can haul it weight-wise.  Seems perfect.  A used one of course.  Baja plans, camping plans, star gazing life plans.  They are all coming together.

And, GD - what a pretty boat.


Quick Update on the Flo Bo Situation

Flo White

Funny what a shade of white can do to a room. 

Check out the before and after of the front room of FLO after a basic coat of white paint.

Basically, while I was in Indo, I had a pal slap on a rudimentary coat of parchment colored paint all over the front room.  (PS - that hatch in the floor, I could fish out of if I wanted to, or scuba dive :) - anyway, I just wanted to see how white brightened the dated look of the Flo Bo.  What a dif.  It's like it bleeds out into the horizon/abyss with the masts of the other sailboats.  It was a simple test before I begin a simple remodel.

Yah - that's the news.  The AWESOME design I did for the revamp of the FLO was all for naught.  I would have to haul the Flo out of the water to do it and it will be outrageously expensive and not only that, no yard can take it.  It's too big.  The level of work to be done is just too, too much to do in the slip.  C'est la vie.

So - I took a breather.  Had a cocktail x 10 and regrouped 1/2 way across the world.  This is how all good things come to pass.  I'm gonna spend way less money, figure out that simple things I can do in the slip - (new floors, new windows, paint job, change railing, build new bathrooms, change all furniture out, new kitchen - lots of INT stuff and then really assess the EXT and what simple tweaks I can make to make it more ME).  Not what I originally wanted to, but it will give me the funky little beach shack that is a perfect drop off spot for me and my life til I buy some land, but a proper house and get a goat and a garden.

I have the next few months to play with all this and I cant wait to get into it and just have fun with what I'm able to do.  I'll keep posting about all the updates and tweaks - but I think this way A/ I will spend way, way less and B/ it will have much more character.  Plus, now I can buy the airstream for what I was gonna spend on the Flo.  Need that added to my moving cadre of insanity.  I miss my Mexico days with my little 14' solar trailer!

And, guess what, I will still end up with a kick ass little joint that makes me happy.  Garden on top.  Highest 360' view in the marina on a floating vessel.  And, best of all AFFORDABLE.  Freedom means more to me right now than, life is good!

Also - some stuff coming soon on the Enola (my 36' Magellan/Chung Hwa ketch) - it's in the yard right now - just got a killer new paint job, new prop and about to install a new radar set up.  Moving along on that one - plus with the new canvas.  NICE.

FLo dark

Another Indo Trip Behind Me...


4th World Love Rules

Let me put it this way - 4th World Love is probably the coolest, most heart-warming thing I have ever produced.  This NGO that me and my bud started years ago in Indonesia is REALLY WORKING. 

I just got back from another epic trip where we went to the village, hung with our peeps, checked out the progress and brainstormed about the future.  I will have many postings in the coming weeks, but the jet lag right now is killing me.

So, I leave you with nasi (rice).  I think I have nasi OD. The food is just so mesmerizing though.  So rustic, rural and redic.  I love it all.