Next Level Eggs Found in Bali
Quick MST Update - All Kinds of Stuff on the Happs...

Oh, the places I find myself...


I'd be crazy not to get involved...

They are Muslim and covered head to toe.  But, they're just like us in the end.  Just wanting to gossip all the live long day amongst their pals and shove down sweets for hours and hours.  Laugh, cackle, eat, sip sweet tea, poke fun at each other.  Those are girls.  You put a room full of them together and you will always get the same posse of could-be fatties on the make.

I don't know much Indonesian, so Sasak is even further out of reach.  But, we share giggles and bites of sweets for a few minutes.  They scream the English name of something to me over and over - as if it will make the Sasak version stick into my skull.  But, unless its Spanish, it's in one ear and out the other.

Who needs words though - when food and smiles are God's currency?  They adore me cause I've helped their kids and neighbors kids all learn English.  I've helped their little community as much as I can - water towers, homemade garbage cans, community development centers, cleft palate surgeries.  FREE English classes.  Tools.  Volunteers and a thriving volunteer program.  Comupters.  Cameras.  Clothes. A beloved guitar played by all (expertly, I might add). 

Who am I to care?  Why even start 4th World Love?  Hell, WHY NOT?  It ain't no biggie and it makes me proud.  It brings me joy when sometimes there ain't none.  I watch people learn and LOVE IT.  I make a difference.  Again, WHY NOT? 

And, I guess all these funny little folk in Lombok make me laugh and laugh.  Of course I'm gonna help.  It's just my nature...and it's sooooo easy to do.  'Nuff said.


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