The Old Place way up in Malibu Canyon - Fave of the Moment.
New Fatcake Logo - So, so cool.

End of October Flo Update...


Turns out, the pilot house is going to be the spot to be...

We had to rebuild it, it was so rotted.  The highest 360 degree view on any vessel in the marina.  Wow.  I'll have a little bar up there, with windows that open outward.  A bookcase that flips up and creates a ledge for drinks on the inside, a full bar on the EXT.  Wraparound planters, with all sorts of vegetables on tap.  The light will be insane, let me finally get something done there, I beg of you**

I love the winder stairs on each floor - small, compact and a huge upgrade from a ladder.  A full bathroom on floor 2, where the bedroom is.   We built out Floor 1 - just in the front and a fireplace will go there.  I've picked all the int/ext colors.  The pickled floor is on the make.  All appliances are being delivered in a week and my cabinet/soapstone counter guy is jamming to get them done in time.  
All oil rubbed bronze fixtures have been chosen and are being custom made - most stressful 4 hours of my life; and there is only 1 more lighting fixture to find - it's the one that goes over the stove (wouldn't be so hard if I didnt HATE canned lights).  The rest of the lights (36 total, with 17 being different) are all on order and on their way to Marina del Rey.  
All windows should be in next week, and I guess I'm just planning the first big meal I'm gonna make!  Some sort of giant pot of stew sounds about right.
In a week or so, this place will look totally dif...slowly but surely, it's all happening.  :)





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