The Old Place way up in Malibu Canyon - Fave of the Moment.

Things I've Yet to Speak Of...


There is so much to share, it's sick.

A whole trip up north through Marin County exploring the backroads and chowing on seafood galore.  Best biscuits and gravy ever...until it was topped by the goods at The Old Place in Agoura Hills.  My fave Sunday chillax spot in Santa Monica - where the oatmeal is unrivaled.  The growth spurt of little girl Minka + all her fave spots in the world.  The progress of the remodel on FLO and moving her over to a work slip as we start to close it up and get into detail work (oddly seamless). Sausilito in all her glory. 

And so much will all come out this week on The Tooth.










HEY ! Have you seen pics of my mexi-mutt? She and Minka could be (and maybe are) sisters...mine hailed from La Paz and yours?
Check it out its uncanny.

Everything looks good!
cheers and xxo

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