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U is for Useful Things My Dog Has Taught Me


U is for Useful Things My Dog Has Taught Me

Minka has easily become the most important - most present - element in my life.  She's by my side at all times - living the same little adventure that make up my days - but she's got her own special spin on it. 

Here's a few things that I've picked up from this very social, very happy pup.  She's just so neat.

1.  When someone you care about is hurt, race to their rescue.

2.  Never hesitate to coze down when there is a soft blanket nearby.

3.  Begging gets you nowhere (and is actually quite unattractive) - but if you stand by quietly and be a good girl, you will get treats.

4.  IF you have an itchie, an owie, or any sort of general ailment - address it immediately.

5.  Stretch like maddddd before even getting out of bed.

6.  Never fear the ocean.  Water feels so, so good on the body.

7.  Learn a few tricks and you just might get somewhere in life.  (Mouse can roll over, sit, lay and shake).

8.  When out and about, stop and smell some flowers now and again.

9.  Stick close to those you love - they will always take care of you.

10.  Happily greet every stranger you see.  It may be exhausting, but sometimes you might make a new friend.








T is for Twelve Minutes from LAX




Twelve minutes from LAX lies my little floating home that
someday soon I shall move back onto.  

Dear God, it's taken forever, I've lost my mind, but it's on the horizon...the hunkder down for spring in LA is on the make.  Cause lord knows I haven't dont jack what I wanted to down here in the desert.  I've been on the road for eons, how could I?   Takes all I've got to pay the bills, research the needs for FLO, plot a few new shows and try to make some good food.  Toss in Minka's daily pup needs and keeping up with the news, and the day is done. 

Now, once I get back on the FLO, pls do remember, I'm a scant 12 minutes from LAX, which if you have been a toothie long, you will recall one of my first posts ever was about what makes a perfect place to live?  Has to be close to an international airport.  And, for that reason alone - I can't imagine being anywhere else but the marina if I'm to reside in LA.  Means, in 12 minutes I can be at the 'port, ticket to elsewhere in hand and on my way to another land. Usually Mexico. Or Indo.
This past trip to Casa de Mita, I discovered the chill village of San Pancho and a sweet little organic restaurant down a side road tucked into a funky hotel.  Turns out the owner of the hotel and restaurant lives 1/2 mile from me in Venice.  In a place I walk past all the time.  Small, small world.
The food at Bistro Organico was simple fusion food.  A twist of Mexico, a sting of Tahiti, and a whole lotta freshness.  They're throwing Thai red basil into cocktails, whipping up their own tequila, and taking the vibe of the S. Pacific islands and making them come alive in charred mushroom pots and coconut shrimp curries. Super light and fresh.   

And, with LAX only 12 minutes away from me, just that much closer.  I do so love SoCAL.