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Z is for in No More To Do Lists!

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Z is for in No More To Do Lists!

I'm to the point where the Daily To Do list just gives me hives.  Same shizz, dif day.  I have to put a halt to them.  I have to get them done.  I have to move on.  It's one and the same - if I stop them, nothing gets done.  Yet, they keep growing...and growing.

At least some planting is on the make.  Lot's of final details are getting sorted.  The Smith + Noble shades have been installed.  My sailboat is sitting pretty in her spot beside FLO (with new brightwork happening as we speak).   The drawers of BS are getting organized.   The returns are happening.  The margaritas are flowin'. 

Also - this week is all about getting inspired about the super fly outdoor living space that takes over most of Floor 3.  The orange rug just off the bedfoom is making me happy - and I just planted som madness on that particular porch.  Or veranda.  Or deck.  Or whatever you wanna call it.  Chillax spot facing sunset?

Now - it's all about sorting books, outdoor living (ready by June 1, I'd say - all custom crazy cool furniture being made from recycled metal and wood + some funky cool sun shade idea I wanna try and crank this week).  More planting (half the boat is shade and half is sun), and generally curating all the stuff that one collects over time.  Plus good food, good drink and a boatload of magazines to rage thru.

Meanwhile, the pickled floor already needs to be redone :)   That said, I'm having some vino and making a new to do list.  It's in my blood.

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Y is for Yes, I STILL Love Baja!


Y is for Yes, I STILL love Baja!

About a month ago, I had to get away from FLO and let the workers do their thing or I would have slaughtered I cranked a 2+ week roadtrip down to the tip of Baja and back.  I fell in love all over again (so much so I need to shoot some TV shows there - more on that later, though).

I got loads of new material for this cool column I've been writing for Baja Bound called In the Belly of Baja.  It's basically a monthly shakedown of me and my doin's south of the border and I've been having a boozy time writing again, sharing the best of Baja, and attempting to recall what it's like to keep to a deadline. 

Here are the 3 latest columns:

4 Mouthwatering Reasons to Head South of the Border Right Now

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X is for X-tra Special Floating Home


X is for X-tra Special Floating Home

It really is.  Just the coolest little spot that takes up 16 x 50 feet of boat slip.  3 floors and tons of character & special elements.  A place like this deserves x-tra delicious cocktails with huge ice cubes (see above) made on a daily basis.  And, there are so many funky things/pieces of the FLO puzzle that I need to share, they can't all be done in one post. 

But, here is one - my super cool dining table chandelier made from old reclaimed Napa valley wine barrels.  I had to modify this one a tiny bit cause I have low ceilings, but how cool is this?  I also got lots of cool sconces made from the same artisan (Wine Country Craftsman) and the glow these pieces put off is just lovely. 



W is for WTF - is the FLO finally done?!

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W is for the FLO finally done?!

Been so long since I've checked in, but I've been real, real busy. 

Finishing off the never-ending to do list on FLO; moving my sailboat Enola into the slip right beside the floating home (what are the chances it would open up?); making all kinds of good food in my new kitchen; researching plants and flowers and edibles for all the planting I'm going to rock this weekend; taking a trip to Belize to shoot a cool sizzle reel in the jungle; trying to get some sort of workout program going; kissing Minka a billion times per day; jammin' a 2 week road trip thru Baja; coming up with new ideas and schemes for the rest of my years; cleaning out all the madness in storage; and just generally trying to pull life together.

I think I'm back though.  And, I must finish off these damn letters so I can move on with fresh meat.  It shall all be done by Monday...and I can fill in all the blanks of my past few months, as well as try to make sense of the future.

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